What You Should Eat According To Your Age ?

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, which should take into account the years, claim researchers from the University of California. Our bodies change over time, needs are different and what you eat in 20 years, shouldn’t consume it in 50 years, recommend US experts. If you choose to select one that best suit your years, without much effort you will lose two or three kilograms in two weeks and it is even better that will help you to stay young longer. So what you should eat according to your age ? There are foods that always must be present in the diet, such as fruits and vegetables, valuable source of vitamins and minerals, but there are also foods that are needed primarily in 20’s , then those that are necessary for women in the forties and those that are crucial for people older than 40 years.

Here is it what you should eat according to your age
20-30 years

Eat many dairy products because the bones are still growing and alcohol should be completely avoided because of the bad influence on the health of nail, hair and skin. Strict diet during this period is not recommended. Each menstruation women lose a significant amount of iron. So eat foods rich in iron. But iron from vegetables is difficult to absorb. To aid absorption will help vitamin C. It is therefore desirable fruits and vegetables to eat raw. Vitamin D is also necessary. You can find in fatty fish, fish oil and egg yolk.

30-40 years

You will start to feel lack of energy and fatigue, it would be better to replace coffee with dried fruit, especially apricots and apples and whole grains. Avoid sugar and unhealthy fats to keep weight within normal limits. Also, keep it under control cholesterol levels in the blood. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fats, which protect against cancer and regulate the level of triglycerids in the blood. This will reduce the risk of thrombosis, diabetes, heart disease and varicose veins.

40-50 years

Appear the first signs of anemia, for which experts recommend quality red meat, fruits and green leafy vegetables. Avoid sweets because at this age burning calories is harder and you can get overweight.

50-60 years

During this period immunity falls, so it is necessary consumption of probioticts and drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Eat more vegetables and fish, while processed industrial food should be out of your menu.

After 70 years

The diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.