Weight Chart-Your Ideal Weight According To Your Age, Body Shape And Height

There many methods to calculate the ideal weight, but most of them are missing a very important factor – age. That’s why the French scientist Paul Broca developed one of the most accurate formulas for calculating the weight.

Especially for women he says that by the age of 40 ideal weight is – 110 height. Or if you are tall 160 cm, the ideal weight for you is about 50. But if you are older, then is – 100 from your height. For example if you are woman over 40 year and your height is 165 your ideal weight should be about 65 kg.

If you have more than 50 years to the final result you should add another 5 %. Or if you are 55 years old woman and your height is 170, then 170-100= 70 + 5 % which is 3.5 kg, in that case your weight is 73.5 kg. Naturally it should consider the type of figure and the fact that some people have heavier bones. So the best indicator perhaps remains the way you look like.

For men the ideal weight should be in alignment with the height. For example if you are 170 height your weight need to be 70 kg.

Lets look more detailed in the tables bellow

ideal weight


Source : www.idealshapetoday.com