Resistant starch diet to lose weight

Almost every woman is trying as much as possible to consume less bread or pasta in order to maintain the slender line. This is because most people believe that foods rich in carbohydrates helps in gaining weight.

But many experts believe that it is outdated thinking and if you make the right choice of useful carbohydrates, they can be a great ally in the weight loss process. Many studies have shown that certain foods containing carbohydrates, increases fat burning, and also, increases muscle mass, control blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.


What is this diet ?

This diet doesn’t allow you to eat cookies and muffins all day. It is a diet that will encourage you to eat more resistant starch.

Studies have shown that if you eat for breakfast food rich in resistant starch, then the body will begin to burn fat , you will burn 25 % more calories during the day and also, will eat  10 % fewer calories because you will feel fuller.

Food high in resistant starch we meet every day – bread, cereals, potatoes and bananas. You can also eat fruit, broccoli, cucumbers, beans peanuts, steak, pasta, cheese.

You should practice the diet 28 days. During the first week total number of calories in a single day should be  1200 calories (split into small meals) and in the following days 1600 calories.

The basic rules of diet are :

Each meal should include at least one product contain resistant starch.

Food high in resistant starch should be 25 % of the entire meal.

You should consume 10 -15 grams of resistant starch on a daily basis.

Example of meals that contain resistant starch :
  • A medium sized banana – 4.7 gr of RS
  • ½ cup of brown rice, cooked – 1.7 gr of RS
  • One medium potato, cooked – 3.2 gr of RS
  • ½ cup of lentils, cooked – 3.4 gr of RS
  • ½ cup of beans, cooked – 3.8 gr of RS
  • A cup of oatmeal – 4.6 gr of RS

This diet is based on the principle of which are based many other diets – reducing the number of calories in order to have quick results and removing unhealthy foods from their diet.