Perspiration ? Here Are Some Tips To Reduce Sweating

Perspiration ,also known as diaphoresis or sweating is a normal body function that helps you to regulate your body temperature. Sweating too much or not sweating can both indicate medical issues. Excessive sweating also, called hyperhidrosis, means that you are sweating more than your body needs to sweat. Changes in your body temperature, and your emotional states can cause sweating.





The most common areas that are sweating inthe body are :

  • Forehead
  • Palms of the hands
  • Armpits
  • Soles of the feets

Therefore some tips to reduce sweating :


Avoid Spicy Food


Spices can activate neurotransmitters, called acetylcholine, who are located in your brain. Anything that stimulates acetylcholine can sometimes affect the glands that cause sweating.


Avoid Alcohol


Alcohol can cause our body temperature to rise by increasing our blood flow and sugar level, so we sweat more to compensate.


Avoid Coffee


Coffee contains a well-known stimulant called Caffeine. Caffeine can stimulate your central nervous system, which activates your sweat glands.


Excess Salt 


When you are eating too much salt, your body will sweat to get rid of the excess sodium.


Avoid high fat milk


High fat milk also can make you perspire. Rather, use low fat milk to reduce your body sweat.


Avoid Onions and Garlic


Probably onions and garlic may not increase your body sweating but, they are contributing to the smell of your sweat.



The cigarettes cause your body to release acetylcholine and as we have said before, acetylcholine stimulates your sweat glands. Another problem is that also raises heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.


Stay hydrated at all the times to reduce perspiration


When your body is properly hydrated, it doesn’t have to work  hard to regulate your body temperature.


Eat Calcium rich foods


When you are consuming a healthy portion of calcium rich foods, your body has the ammo it needs to regulate temperature and reduce perspiration.


Use Olive Oil


Another good tip to reduce sweating is to substitute vegetable oil with some healthy olive oil. The reason is that it works with your digestive system. Also, it takes almost no effort for your system to process this oil. Other benefits are healthy blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

B Vitamins

b vitamins

B-vitamin complexes are known to help reduce stress and therefore play a role in less sweat production.