Solutions for panic attacks, depression and stress

Panic attacks, depression, stress ?

You wonder why you’re constantly tired, irritable and also think that nothing will make sense ? In addition, you have also panic attacks ? Don’t take pills and tranquillizers, just try the natural way to ensure a happier life.



Take care of your digestive system

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If you want to live a happier life you need to look out of your digestive system. It is because among the other things he secretes the serotonim hormone which makes you to feel good. The connection between your stomach and your brain is strong and depression can often lead to constipation. If you eat healthy food your digestive system will work properly and you will ease anxiety and stress.


Learn how to slow down

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Lifestyle is crucial when it comes struggle with stress. You have to learn when is necessary to slow down and say “ no ” to the people and things that make you anxious and depressed. Yoga and meditation are great to reduce stress and anxiety.


Turn to the herbs

panic attacks herbs

There are several herbs that can help in stressful situations. Herb are quickly absorbing and immediately help on your body to cope with various kinds of stress emotional, mental physical. Herbs like Radion, Siberian ginseng, Shisandra and Astralagus. Scientists assume that these herbs act on the central nervous who is sending messages to a body tissues and cells. Other herbs like nettle, wort and bakopa are acting as calming the nerves and anxiety also strengthen the body’s response to stress.


Improve your mood

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Two best ways to improve your mood are protein intake and physical activity. It has been proven that exercise is one of the best antidepressants. Not only does exercise may improve your mood, but also reduce anxiety and regulates stress hormones and strengthens your body. You carefully choose your protein intake for breakfast lunch and dinner because they make you feel healthier and in better mood.