How often you should change your training program

All we are seeking the perfect formula that best shows the results of our efforts in exercise. We are searching for the ideal exercise, weight, number of repetitions. . .  And when you finally find the formula we have this incentive to apply as often as possible. But after a while the results of our training program are not the way we expect. This is due the fact that the body quickly gets used to follow routines. His movements and weights become known and it starts to learn how to deal with them. So if you want to see the progress, you have to make surprises to the body, that will have to handle. But be careful, because too frequent changes in your workout program can slow down your progress, in not leave the body enough time to accumulate power for new exercises.

When you need to change the training program ?

There is no universal answer to this question because it depends of many factors. But your body gives you enough sings that shows you that its time for a change. These are the three that are most obvious :

1.Your body does not change – during one – two months have seen progress, but stagnate for some time.

2.You can not increase the weights that exercise – if not longer manage to increase the weights that exercise, its time to make another change in your training program that will hel you out of your comfort zone.

3.Lose enthusiasm – If not feel a strong need to pus the body to the limits of endurance, it is a sign that your program has become boring.

How to change your training program ?

Defined training program can be changing in many ways to induce changes in your body and feel visible progress.

Sets and reps

Each time you exercise 5 sets with 10 reps ? Increase the number of repetitions and leave the body to struggle for a longer time. Try 4 sets with 15 repetitions without making changes in the weights.


When you are doing compound exercises it is normal to take more rest for recovery between sets. But try to decrease the rest time to remove the body from the zone of comfort.


Don’t take the same weights each time, move your own limits. Urge the body to fight as it would give more weight challenge. If you are already exercising with heavy weights, try to reduce, as it would increase the time of tension. In a short time you will see what effects it has on your body.


Changing the pace of exercise is a great way to surprise the body with greater effort, because the tempo changes the time for which the muscles are under tension. Although you may feel great in your training program, it does not mean that it is best for you. It is therefore important to set clear goals that you expect to achieve. If you work on specific goal you can measure it and progress. So now you will know when is the time for a change. And then do something that gives new challenge to the body.