How I Lost 155 Pounds – 10 Tips

This is Joe Bernstein, he is fitness trainer. At the age of 25 he weight 340 pounds. Diets don’t help him, until he decided to make seemingly insignificant change in his diet. That change led to a very positive results, so today he is given as advise to all those who have been coaching. So here are 10 tricks how he lost 155 pounds.

How I lost 155 pounds – 10 advises

1.Dont drink calories

Sodas, juices, ice teas – beverages who can make you to add uremarkable calories. Therefore it is best to stick to the water.

2.Forget takeout foods

Even when you are at work, bring your own home-prepared food.

3.Spend less time in car

It is good to replace your car with the bike, you will save time during rush hour and burn more calories throughout the day.

4.Learn to cook

Instead of frozen food bags that have a lot of hidden calories, learn to prepare your own meals.

5.The food

Always select fresh products such as vegetables and fruits instead of junk food.


Pet can make you to be more active, especially early in the morning If you are walking along with it.

7.Buy organic food

Avoid foods that have written in the back 10 different chemicals, all of them contribute to put more weight.

8.Select quality meat

Ready meats, fried meats… they all have far more calories then roasted or boiled meat.

9.Stop hanging out with negative people

Joe after the broke up with his ex-girlfriend noticed that he had became far more aware of what add into the body, and he cut the sweets.

10.Lose weight from inside

The weight is not measured only by physical appearance, but is reflected in your way of thinking and your behavior. Try to get rid of habits that you know that make you fat.


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