How To Lose Weight According To Your Body Type

How to eat properly and exercise according to your figure, if you want to achieve your ideal body weight ?  In general people’s figure can be categorized into three body type – ectomorph, mesomorphic and endomorf. Of course there are different shapes and sizes even within these categories. Each of these three types of body shape is specific and if someone want to lose weight need to start from the features of its body. Women have more fat than men. For optimal health and normal weight, body fat for women should be 14 to 30 % and Men 6 to 25 %. As we know accumulation of more fat contributes to obesity.

body type

To learn how to lose weight and exercise according to your body type, first identify in which of these three types you belong :


People who belong to this group have long limbs and are not particularly muscular. They may be weak, but sometimes with high body fat, which means low or normal weight. Ectomorph body type is resistant to gain weight because it has speed metabolism. People who belong in this group tend to overeat without affecting of their weight. Body fat of this group is not detectable, muscles too. In general people with this figure genetically are limited in accumulation of a large muscle mass. When training ectomorph should focus on exercises for strength. To reduce fat from the body, need to consume healthy fats, quality carbohydrates and moderate amount of protein. It is best for them to eat four times a day.


Mesomorphic people can easily gain and lose weight. Women with this figure are generally strong and athletic. These people are suitable for sports that are combination of speed and strength. If you are in this group try interval exercises with high intensity. You can also add yoga or pilates. In terms of nutrition mesomorphic sould consume food rich in healthy fats, moderate in quality carbohydrates and less protein.


People who belong here are generally rounded and tend to burn fat easier. Endomorph people are people who often have desire to lose weight. Usually they from birth have more prominent curves and because of that, they are constantly careful what eat and do they are physically active enough to not add more pounds. Also they have slow metabolism. However that does not necessarily mean that they are overweight or suffer from obesity. Firs they need to realize that they were born with this type of figure to don’t have to be in a constant bottle to lose weight. They need to make exercise a habit. Recommended exercise are high intensity and training with weight with moderate endurance. In terms of food endomorph should consume quality fats and a lot of protein and limit the intake of carbohydrates.