How To Get Rid Of Skin Lumps Naturally

Skin lumps are outgrowth tissue of the skin that may occur on the body and consists of accumulated fat cells. It is mostly an aesthetic problem only, which doesn’t harm your health. It occur most often people older than 40, but not rule. Often appears on the head, arms, back, neck, feet around the eyes and other body parts. Doctors advises to be removed surgically, which is a routine operation and lasts no longer than half an hour. For those who don’t want to lie under the scalpel we offer several recipes for natural healing which would help in most cases.

Flour and Honey against skin lumps

Make a mixture of flour and honey with 1 cm thickness and size required to cover the whole skin lumps. The mixture shouldn’t be sticky. Apply the mixture on the place and put it on a gauze so you don’t stick to clothes. Keep the mixture in place for 36 hours and then make a new and reinsert. After seven days, the skin lump would have to burst and leak pus accumulated.


Apply propolis on problematic place and repeat the procedure several days.

Yolk and salt

With this mixture you can remove the tissue only for 3 days. Mix one yolk with 2 teaspoons of salt and with the mixture cover the place. Wipe it good the place three or four times a day.