Circuit Training And The Benefits Of It

Circuit training – What is it ?

Circuit training is a combination of strength series and cardio exercises. It gives you a full body workout and its used by the army, sport teams and also, in health clubs and fitness centres. Its very flexible and you can do it everywhere, in gym, parks,etc… Best training for people who want to lose their weight, gain some muscles and increase their strength. Also, with circuit training you are improving stability and balance.

How it works ?

You are doing one or two different exercises 10-15 rep for all your muscle groups repeated two or three times with no rest between sets. After finishing the circuit you have 2-3 minutes rest. Moving fast from one set to another gets you heart rate up and also strengthens your muscles. For example during resistance training your heart rate doesen go up. Your circuit training should last at least 20-30 minutes. If you are beginner its recommended to work with a trainer.

Typical activities in a circuit training :


Circuit training


circuit training upper body


Bench dips

Bench lift

Back extensions

Inclined press ups

Medicene ball chest pass

Core and trunk

Sit ups

Leg raises


Stomach crunch

Back extension chest raise


Lower body

lower body circuit training

Squat jumps

Compass jumps

Astride jumps

Bench squat

Step ups

Hopping shuttles

Shuttle runs



total body circuit training



Squat thrusts



Circuit training benefits

Circuit training is burning fat and also tone whole your body because you are using all muscle groups. Studies have shown that this type of training is the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance and in the same time to build some muscles. Lean body mass increases with circuit training. You will lose relative fat mass of 1-3 % and you will gain lean body mass 1-3kg, while your body weight will stay unchanged. This training is High-intensity interval training(HIIT). And as we know there is no better way to burn calories then HIIT. That is because your body needs to work harder and here you are burning additional calories.

The program was invented by  Morgan and G.T. Anderson in 1957 at the University of Leeds in England.