The exotic aroma of cinnamon acts like a magnet and magically attracting fans around. However, besides his charm with its sweet smell and strong taste, it has historically been used as natural remedy and health protector. Available throughout the year it can be found in the form of sticks and powder.

The sticks have a longer life, but the powder has a stronger aroma.


It is not only known as a tasty spice, but also as a source of vitamins and minerals. Contains Iron, manganese, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as dietary fibres. Here is list of some health benefits.

Health benefits of cinnamon

In combination with honey strengthens immunity. Its not only delicious, but also a powerful combination that is used as a natural remedy. During the cold days consume a teaspoon of honey and quarter teaspoon of cinnamon dissolved in a glass of warm water to improve the protection of the body against viruses and bacteria.

It stimulates the brain. Studies have shown that the scent of it may improve cognitive abilities, memory and increase alertness and concentration. In the experiments they were used gum flavoured with it or scented candles.

Helps people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that the regular use can reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol.


Other benefits :

It helps against sore throat and dry cough. Soak two sticks in a glass of cold water and leave for several hours. This drink contains water-soluble dietary fibre that softens sore throat and therefore reduce dry cough.

Regulates blood sugar and therefore eliminates the hunger. Nutritionist recommends a snack of baked apple slices seasoned with cinnamon because apples have many benefits too. It has been proven that people who regularly consume apples, eat less and also, have less fat on the stomach.

It helps in reducing menstrual pain. Women who suffer from monthly menstrual pain can lower the pain by the regular consumption.

Increases energy levels. You feel tired and without energy ?  Drink fruit tea with a quarter teaspoon of this health protector. It will increase vitality and can help improve circulation. Also, it is especially useful for people who constantly complain about having cold feet.

Fight bad breath. Studies have shown that chewing gum with cinnamon is effective against bad breath. Also, combined with honey and warm water in the morning can be used as a liquid mouthwash. Many argue that he is an effective home remedy against toothache.

Softens rough skin on feet. Mix juice of 5 lemons, 1 spoon olive oil, a cup of milk, a cup of water and 2 teaspoons cinnamon and dip your feet in for 15 minutes.