Why your body needs hydrolyzed protein ?

Effects of the use of hydrolyzed protein is the subject of much discussion in recent years and much of the fitness enthusiasts were not sure whether to include it in their diet. To clarify the dilemma, it is best to look at what science says about it.

You’ll already know that the body is more easily utilized hydrolyzed protein from other forms of protein, but this knowledge does not help much in deciding whether he is the right solution for you. Therefore the text that follows will look a bit more detail the advantages of its use.

What is hydrolyzed protein ?

Hydrolyzed protein is obtained by dividing the whey protein into small pieces, small units of amino acids and small amino acids. This hydrolysis process results in a product that decomposes faster in your body, transporting more amino acids to your muscles. Accordingly, the use of this protein brings several key advantages.

Larger amount of amino acids with longer duration

There is no cleaner form of protein then hydrolyzed protein. His rich amino acid profile and rapid solubility make it ideal for use after training. The sooner your body gets the necessary amino acids after exercise, the faster you recover and will provide better results. The speed of action of the proteins depends on their rate of absorption into the body and the hydrolyzed protein comprises protein units in the form of short peptides that our body get much more quickly and efficiently absorbed than free amino acids. Hydrolyzed whey protein also contains higher levels of leucine compared to the isolate. If we consider that leucine plays a key role in building muscle mass, the advantage is clear.

Improved recovery reserves of glycogen

Updating quantities of glycogen by typing carbohydrates after exercise speeds up the recovery process and prepares your body for the next workout. Glycogen level is regulated by insulin, which is stimulated by carbohydrates, but also by the presence of proteins in the body. Studies show that hydrolyzed protein causes a significantly higher insulin response than a protein isolates, thus achieving efficient restocking glycogen and excellent anabolic response if consumed after exercise.

When is the best time to use hydrolyzed protein ?

After frequent and intense workouts – Will help in speedy recovery of your muscles so that in short time your body will be ready for the next workout.

When you are on a diet – When you are on low carbs intake, he will help in the recovery, but also in building muscle mass with fewer calories, thanks to the higher content of leucine.