Back pain and neck pain simple solutions

Back pain and neck pain

Back pain and neck pain are the most common problems that occur people. And also the most frequent reason for visiting pshychotherapist. The reasons may be different : bad posture, hereditary predisposition, osteoporosis, spinal disc herniation, stress, spondylarthrosis and others. In the first place mainly affected are people who work in one body position. Not only but also people exposed to big effort and stress, people who are lifting heavy objects. The most common symptoms are pain and the stiffness.

Among the pain other symptoms can be : increased or decreased senses of touch, muscle pain and muscle weakness, difficult or impossible movement. Backbone is the main pillar of our body. And it is also the most used body part in our daily activities. The most common illness are : kyphosis, scoliosis and also lordosis. Their treatment in the first place is mainly symptomatic and the objective is to reduce the pain. Other objective is also to restore the normal function on the body in general. The most common treatments are : Therapeutic massage (medical massage, manual lymphatic drainage guasha, cupping, warm paraffin , volcanic stones), bowen therapy, kinesio taping, kynesitherapy.


Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a therapy for back pain. It is a treatment of the soft tissues, which the therapist perform rhythmic and steady movements with the fingers or with the entire hand and palm carrying on the pressure and the friction to be appropriate to get the desired effect. The effect of the massage is based on direct mechanical effect on the tissues and can cause reflex reactions on various tissues and organs. Under the influence of the massage, in the tissues is happening vasodilation, active hyperemia, the flow of the lymph and venous blood are improving. The massage acts analgetic, by increasing the threshold pain at the most deceased spots.


Bowen technique therapy

back pain bowen


Bowen technique therapy is a soft non-invasive technique. Which, primary role is to achieve balance in the body in the first place. This technique you can use standalone or as complement to any other medical massages.


Kinesio taping

back pain kinesio


Kinesio taping is Japanese technique. It’s using special stretch bands in the affected areas. In the first place aims to reduce pain. Not only but also improve blood circulation and affects on the muscles and ligaments.


back pain kynesi

Kinesiotherapy is a medical discipline which is using a movement as a part of the treatment. Patient must actively participate. It is because active movement encourages and activate stored and latent capabilities of the organism. Also accelerates healing and make a positive pshycological impact on developing self confidence and motivation of the patient.