Avoid These Mistakes If You Want to Have Skin Like a Baby

People always connect the beauty only with the outside look, but also depends on how you care for your inner and whole body. Good health, vitality and lifestyle affects a lot on how baby smooth is your looks like your skin. So to have baby smooth skin you should avoid to do this things :

1.Not sleeping enough

If you don’t sleep enough it will definitely reflect on your health. Sleeping stimulate the flow of oxygen into the skin and makes to look tight. People who sleep enough look healthier and more attractive.

2.To much sitting

Those people who sit to much throughout the day instead of moving, have less healthy skin.

3.Constantly under stress

If you allow stress to be part of your life, it will adversely affect on your health and make you look older then you are. So sit back, take a deep breath and resolve the problems one after another.

4.Sleep with makeup

If you are belong to the people who sleep with make up stop doing that. Make up dries the skin and makes you to look older.

5.Use UV protective cream only when you are on the beach.

UV protective creams is best to use throughout whole year, because the harmful UV rays can cause wrinkling.

6.You not taking care enough for your face

The first skin problem that you will face it is the wrinkles of the eyes. Therefore, it’s to begin to take care of face.

7.Drink to much soft drinks

The high amount of sugars and calories cause premature aging. A study done at the University of California shows that drinking to much soft drinks speed up the aging process of DNA.

8.Eating to much junk food

You have to watch on your nutrition not only to stay healthy, but also to look young and fresh.


Smoking in many ways has harmful effects on the skin such as changes color, speed up the aging process and reduce the flow of oxygen which is the most important for the skin to be tight and smooth.


source : www.breakbird.com