Why alcohol slow the process of weight loss ?

Alcohol slow the process of weight loss ?

There are many factors that are slowing down the weight loss, making the whole process much more complicated than it really is. Our body produces various hormones in response to different types of food or drinks. The weight loss process isn’t only about the calorie consumption, but also the intake of proper calories. Alcohol is one of the biggest reasons that is disrupting body weight loss, because he is making dis balance in caloric intake fluids and hormones in the body that are necessary for reducing weight.



Alcohol increase the level of cortisol, a hormone that is creating fats

Very often alcohol increases the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that breaks down the muscles and create fats. Loosing muscle means slowing down the metabolism and making easier to add weight. Drinking of its affects on men in a way that reduce the level of testosterone, a hormone that has been building muscle mass and decreasing body fat. He also, blocks the body from burning fat. Also, prevents the body of using fats as an energy source. The body should be well hydrated to build muscle and burn fats. His consumption is always leading to dehydration.


Frequently using alcohol is always followed by irregular meals intake and eating junk food

Drinking of it often leads us easily to reach for chips, snacks, or other unhealthy foods.  Also, people who drinking beer or wine before or while eating, they are eating much more food. He is stimulating secretion of dopamine, a hormone for pleasure and envy and that’s why people are eating more food and drinking more alcohol.


Alcohol contains large amount of calories

One gram of alcohol has 7 calories. And his consumption has been shown that can have serious health issues. Because it is not used for energy as macronutrients drinking of it is the intake of empty calories. Beer and wine contain only a small amount of carbohydrates and minimal traces of protein, vitamins and minerals.

For this reason he is not the best choice for calorie intake.