There Are 6 Types Of Obesity, Find Out Where You Belong

According scientists there are six types of obesity, which are caused by various factors. Select in which group you belong and solve your problem.


This type of obesity is most prevalent. It occurs when people have excessive food intake and sugars. To solve this issue, its recommended to reduce eating and start to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. You can find diet here.

2.Nervous stomach obesity

This type of obesity is caused by anxiety stress and depression. People who have this problem often eat sweets. Try out with physical activity to relive the stress.

3.Gluten fat

This problem is mainly present in women during adolescence, menopause, when they have hormonal imbalance. It is important to avoid long sitting, smoking and alcohol. You can find gluten-free diet here.

4.Atherogenic metabolic obesity

People with stomach inflated like a balloon, accumulate fat in the body. Those are people who consume a lot of alcohol or have breathing problem.

5.Leg fat

This is a genetic hereditary. It occurs during pregnancy and the solution is again to start with playing sports or climbing stairs.


This problem affects parts of the body that used to be very active. To eliminate these fats you need to start to eat more healthy food.