6 Signs You Have Too Many Toxins In Your Body

How often do you wake up tired and without energy for daily tasks that you expect ? Additives in foods, products for household cleaners, insecticides and herbicides, everything has poisons in small quantities and your body is everyday exposed on it. However, long-term action can have different effects.

Symptoms of toxins

Often small pains such as headache, inertia and sensitivity to odors we don’t take serious, but precisely because of them, we fall to complete efficiently our daily duties. To get rid of them, the reason for this unpleasant phenomena can be sought in excess toxins that we continually get them.

Read the next seven signs that warn the body of toxins and learn how to remove them.

Chronic fatigue

Although you had it good sleep still you are trying somehow to push the day. This may be a sign that your body is trying to expel all the toxins that you entered. How to solve the problem ? If the answer to your question is more coffee or sweet – you have embarked on a bad road. Caffeine and sugar will only increase your problem because it will further burden and fade the metabolic processes in the body.

Weight problems

It is not easy to lose weight , but if despite daily exercise and carefully chosen calories your weight is the same, the problem may lie in hormonal imbalances. The connection with toxins, its not always obvious, but the fact that excessive amounts of them can disrupt glands. You need complete detoxification of the body to restore the natural balance of hormones. You can find more recipes to detox your body here.

Bad breath

You use gum and you are careful with the oral hygiene, but problem with bad breath remains. Bad odor from the mouth is usually caused by bad digestion, but may be a sign that you have too many toxins in the body.


Our hoses daily receive a lot of toxins and help the body to cope with them. When we have a problem with constipation, all of them remain in the digestive tract and adversely affect public health. If your food has to many chemicals and pesticides, toxins are unavoidable and therefore additional problems due to irregular bowel movements.

Sensitivity to smells

The strong reaction to odors, especially perfumes, simply means that you do not the ones you use. However if you experience a headache when you feel stronger smell it is almost certain that toxins are the cause of your problem.

Pain in muscles

If you can repeat the exercises that you did yesterday again consider whether the cause should as in toxins.

Skin change

Pimples, blackheads and other problems that occur on the skin are a sign that the body is full of harmful substances. Acne can occur due to preparations that are applied.

If you have any of these symptoms read the following steps that could help you

1.Tea of dandelion, parsley, coriander, hives.

2.Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise stimulates circulation and excretion of the substances from the body.

3.Try to include in your diet more yogurt, kefir, kambucha tea.

4.Always clean your tongue when brushing your teeth.

5.Training deep breathing.

6.Drink plenty of water.

7.Use only natural products for skin which itself don’t contain fragrances, sulfates, parabens and other compounds.

8.Organic food is the healthiest. Eat whenever you have a chan