Pumpkin is ideal for artwork on Halloween night but unfairly neglected as healthy ingredient. It’s time to see her medical and gastric true value. In this article you will find some of them.

Pumpkin as a fighter against diseases

Old medicine says who eat a lot of pumpkin never have pain in the stomach. Although, it’s not favorite ingredient, her medical properties are huge and that’s why she is called queen of autumn. She has high amount of antioxidants and carotene, especially vitamin C and E and its ideal in the fight against heart disease, the risk of cancer and stroke.

Low in calories, rich in minerals

She has only 28 calories in 100 grams, but she is rich in minerals and vitamins. She is very good source of potassium which is important to the heart, phosphorus and calcium, which together act in building bones and teeth, iron is important to blood and manganese guards the health of the skin and cartilage.

Skin problem

Mashed fresh pumpkin is ideal for face musk and if you hold ten minutes will clean the skin and constricts. Lately is using as a major component of creams of problem skin.

Improves sleep

Whether you consume raw, cooked, baked or in addition to some meal, improves sleep due to the vitamin B group.  Her amazing nutritional profile complements pectins , fiber and other plant fibers that are important for good digestion. It is very beneficial for children.

Pumpkin seeds

For those who don’t consume pumpkin, the solution comes in the form of seeds. Seeds are excellent source of protein , depending on the type , has up to 31 percent. One hand of pumpkin seeds satisfies the daily requirement of amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and mood.

Pumpkin oil

Pumkin oil contain large percentage of beta carotene, vitamin E and potasioum. Although 100 grams have 900 calories, one spoon it gives fantastic taste of your salad.