6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women To Stay Slim

Japanese women are known as women who never gain weight and longevity. Japanese people in the last 25 years held the world record for the longest life and average live 84 and a half years. The Japanese found that their secret to longevity and slim lime hide in their kitchen and lifestyles. In addition read about 6 food habits that help Japanese women to stay slim.

1.Cooking methods

They are famous because of their style of cooking. They use very little oil to cook and cook food by steaming and frying because on that way food keeps their nutritional properties. One of the most popular food is vegetable soup.

2.Size of the portion

Japanese food is served in small plates instead of one large. Moreover they consume small amounts of various foods. These prevent them from overeating. Japanese island Okinawa has the largest number of centenarians who claim that their secret is never completely saturated during meals. Stop eating before you feel that you are completely satisfied. This will maintain slim line and save health.


Rice is the foundation of the Japanese diet. The average Japanese consumes six times more rice than the average American. It is served with almost every meal, including breakfast. Rice also is rich in complex carbohydrates that provide long feeling of satiety.

4.Fish and soy

Although the Japanese make up 2 percent of the world population, they consume up to 10 percent of the fish that are eaten worldwide. Soy is also very valuable dish and is consumed in various forms and combinations. Japanese eat fish eight time a week. Frequent intake of fish is reflected in the increased level of omega-3 fatty acids making them significantly more resistant to atherosclerosis.


Breakfast is their most important meal. They eat fish, soy products, rice, omelets..


Sweet deserts are rarity in Japan and even when they eat, they eat in small quantities. Its not that they don’t like chocolates and cakes, they are just aware of the consequences and harmful side effects of the sweets.


Source : www.brightside.me