Liver cleanses toxins from the blood and fight infection and when he does not work well, he cant purify the blood. In general liver has the power to regenerate itself when is little damaged, replacing old tissue with new cells. And yet he can be seriously damaged and could put the life of a person in danger. This may be consequence of inflammation, strong stroke, cancer, hepatitis or the excessive intake of drugs or alcohol. In this article we will mention 6 early signs of liver damage.

Here is list of 6 early signs of liver damage :


If your skin and whites of the eyes become yellow, then the liver does not function properly due to the accumulation in the blood of yellowish substance called bilirubin. This symptom called jaundice may occur if a person is infected with hepatitis, cancer, too much alcohol, abusing drugs, working in toxic environment and other.

2.Your urine is darkened

Jaundice can also change the color of urine and stool of a person. Urine become darkened and the stool capital wane.

3.Unexplained itching

Liver disease can be detected by unexplained itching of the skin, but can be also caused by kidney failure, thyroid problems or cancer. Itching usually affects the entire body.

4.Bruises on the body without hitting

People with impaired liver hurt themselves and bleed easier because body slows or stops the production of proteins that are essential for blood clotting. The liver actually produces several coagulation factors and all of them begin to disappear in people with damaged liver.

5.Unexplained swelling

When the liver of a person is unable to do his job well, he can start to collect water in abdomen or legs, that lead to swelling.

6.Or you may not have any signs

In some cases there may be no indication that something is wrong with the liver. It is possible that symptoms are too mild and not very specific such as fatigue, drowsiness, nausea or light itching and person may not pay attention.


Source : www.medicaldaily.com