23 Amazing Uses & Health Benefits of Baking Soda

White powder also know as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate its not just for preparing delicious pastries. He has a number of other uses such as effective treatments for care and beautification, healing, help in the household …

Here is list of things what you can do with baking soda :

1.Clean hair

Baking soda can help you to remove all accumulated debris from the stylish products such as conditioners, foams or gels. Simply add on teaspoon of baking soda in your shampoo bottle. If you are using swimming pool it would be nice if you wash your hair with baking soda. Just mix it half a teaspoon with a half liter of water and wash your hair to remove chlorine.

2.Clean hairbrushes

Not only your hair but hair brushes can be also cleaned with baking soda. Just put your brush in a warm water with two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate.

3.Clean hands

Mix 3 teaspoons with one teaspoon of liquid soap and rub your hands to remove the smell of fish, garlic or onions.

4.Soft skin on elbows and knees

Skin of elbows and knees often can get unpleasant, rough and rigid view. Make a paste of soda and water and rub it these areas. You will immediately notice the difference.

5.Whiter nails

Pour some soda on an old toothbrush and brush it. You will clean and whiten your nails who often turn yellow from the use of nail polish in strong colors.

6.Stomach acid

If you drink a glass of water with half teaspoon of soda, that will regulate pH in your stomach. It will help you to reduce the acidity in your body, which is believed to be one of the triggers of cancer.

7.Urinary infections

If you have problem with urinary tract infection, drink half a teaspoon of soda in a glass of water and the symptoms should disappear.


Gout is inflammation of the joints, caused by retention of uric acid in the body. Soda can help you to get rid of these unpleasant pain and prevent their further formation.

9.Cold and flu

Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent remedy for colds and flu. If you use regularly can destroy viruses in the earliest stage.

10.Kidney stones pain

Daily drinking water with soda can prevent formation of new stones.


Soda with water can increase physical endurance of your body. The secret is in that the alkalinity of sodium bicarbonate reduces the level of lactic acid produced by the muscles.

12.Whiter teeth

Put on your toothpaste little soda and wash your teeth. It considered that sodium bicarbonate is a natural bleach teeth.

13.Relaxing feet

Rest your feet with a mini bath of hot water and 3 tablespoons of soda.

14.Freshen the breath.

Put a teaspoon in a glass of water. Drink a sip then split the liquid. Odors in the mouth will be neutralized.

15.Removing the smell of cigarettes on clothes.

If you happen to find yourself in the company of smokers or If you are smoker but hate the smell o smoke on your clothes, you can use soda to remove. Before you wash laundry put your clothes in water with a few tablespoons of soda.

16.Less stinky garbage

Before putting a new bag in the trash, put some soda on the bottom to reduce the bad smell.

17.Less odors in the fridge

Leave a small open bottle with soda in the fridge. It absorbs the smells.

18.Cleaning the microwave.

Put soda on a sponge and rub it oven.

19.Cleaning the cutting board

To clean the board just put some soda on sponge and rub it. After that wash with detergent

20.Cleaning the plastic boxes for storing food.

Plastic boxes that regularly use to store food easily get odor. To eliminate odors, fill them with water and soda and leave overnight.

21.Clean burnt pans

You made a small mistake in the kitchen and finished with burnt pan ? Place soda in the pan and pour hot water. Leave it for a few hours and wash it.

22.Cleaning the grill.

Clean the grease rack of the grill with a sponge on which you put soda.

23.Shiner silver

Mix 3 teaspoons soda in water the with mixture rub the silver items. After that wash them with water.


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