10 Ways To Lose Weight Faster

Weight loss is not easy process, especially if you trying for a while. In order not to get addicted to unhealthy drinks and diets, medics and nutritionist have compiled a list of healthy tricks and tips to lose weight and get your line back. Try one or more in combination :

10 Ways to lose weight faster :

1.To find out how many calories you need, multiply your weight with 31. For example if you have 70 kg, 70 x 31=2170.

2.In yogurt add little cinnamon and drink everyday. You will burn about 1 kg for a month.

3.A glass of carrot natural juice will help you to lose 2 kg in 12 weeks even if you are not on a strict diet.

4.Take calcium as a supplement. You will lose 2.6 % of your weight if you have enough calcium in you.

5.Dont exercise alone. Those who practice with company, burn more calories because they have motivation.

6.Eat red peppers. They contain substances that speed up metabolism.

7.Whenever you eat, always hold cutlery properly and decently, just like you are in a restaurant.

8.Chop the food before serving. People perceive the chopped food 30% more than in one piece.

9.Chew gum after meal for about 15 minutes in order to do not reach for snacks.

10.Establish at least one meal a week that contain spinach. Spinach help the digestion and processing of fat.