If you’re one of those who have decided to practice a vegetarian lifestyle, don’t let it lead you to thinking you that you wont be able to deal with fitness.  It is true that vegetarian have less choice of food, but their success is guaranteed if you supply the body with the required protein intake. The only demand Is to develop appropriate way of feeding. While the meat is really the easiest and most typical source of protein, a good combination of vegetarian menu provides the same benefits.

Complete vs incomplete sources of protein

When we talk about the fact that the source of protein is complete, this essentially means that the source contains a full spectrum of amino acids. While, the incomplete is one that contains only some specific amino acids need by the body to carry basic daily function.

Complete sources of protein are : meat, fish, eggs, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, milk and other dairy products. Incomplete are : vegetables, grains, fruits and cereals.

Here we will focus on the combinations that allow us incomplete sources to make complete.

Here is a list of some combinations :

  • Rice and beans or other legumes
  • All kinds of salad and corn
  • Peanut butter and wheat bread
  • Mushrooms and asparagus
  • Toffee with rice or noodles
  • Peanut and all kinds of seeds
  • Soy and almonds

If you stick to these combinations at each meal, make sure you get the necessary protein and carbs at all like the food with complete source of protein. Of course quantity and calories depend on you and from the results you are expecting to achieve. I hope that with this post, will help you to fill your vegetarian food menu. And I also, hope that you’ll get your good look and healthy body.